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We are NOT currently accepting any new bookings.  If you are looking to do an escape room, check out Locked A Syracuse Escape Room.  

Escape Rooms Everyone Can Enjoy!

Now Open!  CNY Escape Rooms is open by appointment only and running private rooms.  You and your group are tasked with unlocking a series of puzzles and clues to reach the ultimate objective.  All of our Rooms are Booked privately for you and only your group.  All props are sanitized after use, and the game master runs the through via camera from the Game Master Room.  We believe there is not a safer entertainment venture in the whole pandemic.  Come out and enjoy a day/night of problem solving and support a local business!

CNY Escape Rooms aims to put escape rooms in Central New York on the cutting edge. Designed by two best friends who teach for a living, the rooms are meant to bring about tremendous excitement (and of course a subtle nod to learning). We hope you find our rooms unique and affordable! All of our rooms are customized and designed by Jesse And Joe to guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience.. 

You'll be surprised, confused, engaged, amused and maybe even leave knowing something you didn't know before (but most importantly we want you to have fun)!  We design each room to be unique and to appeal to beginners and experts alike.  Each room will be monitored through camera and is focused on your group only.  You will not be in with another group and we never, ever lock anyone in the rooms, the goal is always to get out of the room with an objective so you don't have to feel claustrophobic.

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The Perfect Night Out for Family, Co-workers & Friends

Interactive Collaboration and Problem Solving in a Fun Fast-Paced Environment

A Night Away From the Televison

Looking for something new and exciting to do? Immerse yourself in an alternative environment  that uses your problem solving skills and gets your adrenaline pumping.  Watching reruns of The Office for the 10th time can wait until tomorrow night!   For those with a competitive streak, compare your time to others and compete for ultimate bragging rights by topping our leader board.  Come out and enjoy a cost effective night out!

Escape Room Items

Date night

 Whether you have been married for thirty years or recently met, this is the perfect night out to get to know each other better. New couples will enjoy the opportunity to see how well they can work together. Old married couples will love a new setting to insinuate that their spouse is an idiot.  Escape rooms are a great primer for the rest of the evening as you work in close collaboration and harmony (hopefully) to accomplish a shared goal.  Whether you're out on a double date or spending a night with family and friends, you'll love all the surprises and excitement we have in store for you! 


Corporate or Special Events

We provide escape room adventures for many types of private gatherings: corporate team building exercises, school events,  and birthday parties and much more.   If you are  celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to do something new come out and enjoy a night with us, CNY Escape Rooms is designed to meet your needs. There is no better way to learn something about a new co-worker, your best friend, or an acquaintance.  Team building exercises are a great reason to come check us out. Come celebrate a special occasion in style!  Corporate Events and large parties have special discount pricing! 

Our Escape Rooms

Our very first room. This is best for beginner and intermediate groups.  

Our Vampire's Room is more fun than scary, and is for intermediate or experienced. 

This Room is non-linear and because of that is best is best for groups of 4 or more. 

Hours of Operation

By Appointment

We are Open 7 days a week between the hours by appointment only.  We also request that you book your game two hours in advance.

Need a different time? Feel free to contact us to see if we can accommodate you. We are available through email you can also call or text  us at 315-863-9923 

 For additional booking options and questions. 

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All Videos

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4235 James St.
East Syracuse, Onondaga County 13057

315 863 9923

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