Now open on a limited basis.  We are looking for feedback on our room, for half price you and your group can come play test the room and provide feedback while we look to perfect the room! Limited availability only.  Call or text 315-863-9923

or 585-752-5740 (text only) to set up a sneak preview room!

1980's Garage (working story-line, not yet finalized). 

It's the 1980's and the gym is all decorated and set, the DJs is hired and prom is a go.   Things are looking great, you have a beautiful-fun date, and your dad is going to let you borrow his Delorean DMC-12.  He doesn't let anyone touch that car!  You're all set to go, the problem is you can't find the keys and you have to leave in no more than an hour!

  You had the keys last night with your buddies in the garage, but evertyhing's a haze and you can't remember anything.  You have to find these keys you promised your date this car  (and you don't want your father do disown you). 

Your dad is a quirky inventor and a bit paranoid so finding these keys is going to be a bit tricky.


Nothing in the garage is at it seems and everything is locked up.  Can you figure out where the keys are by navigating the labyrinth that is your father's garage and get out of the front door and to prom on time?

  Don't stop believin' work with your group to get out or be frozen out on the most important night of your life! 

Text 585-752-5740 for more details and updates for possible bookings. 

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