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Jesse grew up in Central New York and went to college at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY for adolescent education with a focus on English. Joe grew up in Central New York and went to school at Suny Oswego State where he majored in education with a history concentration. 

We met at a marketing company in Rochester, NY and opened up our own marketing company that works with local food and entertainment companies in Syracuse in 2019, but our main passion and our focus is teaching.  Both Jesse and Joe teach in city school districts. As we learned about the food and entertainment industry in Central New York we learned that there wasn't enough outlets for good, wholesome fun! As education enthusiasts we were surprised by the lack of options for entertainment that don't involve electronics. Opening an escape room seemed like a great way to combine Jesse's love for a good story and Joe's affinity for the past !  Both Lora (and their 4 kids) and Cassandra know first-hand the passion and time that is constantly poured into developing and improving our escape rooms,  Nearly everything in our escape rooms is custom built and designed. The rooms are outfitted from local antique stores and shops and we really believe we have a product that is good for people of all ages.   We hope as we continue to build unique, and engaging rooms you will continue to visit us! 

Our vision is to open escape rooms that are suitable for people of all ages and to get people working together in a fun exciting atmosphere for families (and groups) of all sizes and abilities.   A couple of unique features we wanted to include in our rooms was to make sure the rooms were engaging, but focused on multiple avenues to solve our rooms and we never want to lock anyone in the rooms so our door is always open. 

Thank you so much for visiting our site and we hope to see you there. 

About Us

About Us

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